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About Grand Wedding Willa

Welcome to Wedding Villa Ludhiana, a Grand Venue to enjoy wedding ceremonies and important rituals plus events in the city. Its unmatchable architecture blends royalty, beauty, and art quite impressively. Its superb and sparkling glamour always provides you extremely marvelous and pleasing moments of your life.

It has a delightful ambiance with all freshness, heart touching plus colorful views around you to celebrate your grand events. Wedding Villa is a branch of Hotel Nagpal Regency, a famous Hotel in Ludhiana. The Grand Venue is designed and emerged to support large gatherings of people during marriages, ring ceremonies and other special events in the city, the industrial hub of India. The marvelous architecture is equipped with modern luxurious gadgets to support your comfortable sitting, listening, and eating plus drinking. You will enjoy pleasant music and tasty different cuisines during watching running ceremony. You will feel luxurious touching while sitting or walking in its premises.

Fragrance of different colorful and natural flowers as well as green grass mattress of its different gardens provides you an unusual experience with full pleasure. The peaceful moments you spend in the Villa have potential to provide you happiness whenever you recall your presence here. The fully air conditioned and beautiful Wedding Villa always welcomes you to avail its spacious and marvelous services for weddings, marriage ceremonies and ring ceremonies and significant events. There are several well furnished rooms, kitchens, along with banquet hall, reception hall and marvelous lobby in the Villa. The Villa also provides healthy and hygienic culinary fitness according to taste of guests. They can choose their desired dish from a variety of cuisines that are brought from different parts of the world. Our highly professionally trained chefs and cooperative staff hail from different nations of the world. We serve hospitality at our Villa. Our Wedding Villa provides hospitality among guests who arrived here from their different residential locations in India and abroad. It gives them opportunity to meet and make new relations plus strengthen the old links with sharing ideas and experiences of their loving life. Please come and feel its comfort and make your event pleasantly unforgettable during your life.


Wedding Villa is an ideal place for banqueting that provides unique experience to enjoy delicious taste of different cuisines that are often tailored from different nations of the world, to its guests. It supports feast for over 500 guests during the day and in the evening as well. The Villa also supports all types of small to big eating plus drinking parties along with weddings and ring ceremonies. It has highly professional chefs and supportive staff to prepare and serve tasty dishes according to choices of its guests.

Hygienically delicious dishes with desirable liquids provide you a unique taste of its marvelous banqueting services. It provides unique culinary and catering services to people living in India or abroad during their celebration regarding weddings and other events. We help you through pulling you out of the stressful times you generally face whenever you celebrate your small, medium, or big events in the city. We blend Versatility and Creativity for providing you and your guests, delicious and mouth watering dishes plus drinks to ensure that your event is unforgettable. Tell us about your dream wedding or other event and Contact Us to quit your stress for serving your guests with delicious foods and drinks that you desire.

Events & Weddings

We at Wedding Villa Ludhiana, blend our Creativity and Versatility to make your event extremely memorable to you and its participants. Celebrations of several events including Birthday parties, Ring ceremonies, Marriage anniversaries, Silver jubilee of marriages or business, Golden Jubilees of marriages or trade, Ladies Sangeet before marriage, Business linked events, Music concerts, and family associated events are magnificently supported by our Villa.

Weddings of couples are performed marvelously at our Villa with full enthusiasm, pleasure, and arrangements. Indians, Non resident Indians, and Foreign couples are married in a royal manner at our Villa. Our Villa has multiple arrangements for each ritual done for marriages. A beautiful stage adorned with colorful dancing lights, high quality and pleasing to ears sound system provides an opportunity to enjoy Live Bhangra and music during a wedding or an event.

We always do our best for making your event memorable. You will get enormous variety of dishes and drinks to enjoy your taste. Our Wedding Villa is really a perfect place to enjoy main events of families and business.



Decoration Services



The Wedding Villa has a beautiful location of around three acres of plain land at Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar Ludhiana. It provides you all facilities to welcome your guests and celebrate an event in their valuable presence having your full enthusiasm and happiness. You need not to worry about a big accommodation, electric power, and huge parking to celebrate your little or big event with gathering of hundreds of people including your relatives, friends, well wishers, neighbors, colleagues, and clients as well in the city. We welcome you and your guests and leave no any stone unturned to provide you full enjoyment during a celebration. We have good arrangement for sitting, videos recording, eating, drinking, and parking too. Our well experience chefs and serving staff provide you and your guests a variety of delicious cuisines and drinks. We provide fresh and hygienic ambiance for enjoying every moment of an event. You are quite safe from rain, dust, and environmental pollution here.

We have an entire air conditioning system that provides you suitable temperature to enjoy your events happily during any season of year. Our Villa provides you 23,000 sq feet space to celebrate an event in a royal manner. It supports huge gathering of 600 to 1500 people and inside parking for their 900 to 1000 luxurious cars, SUVs, plus other vehicles. Our facilities for accommodation, feast, video recording, stage performance, parking, music, gardening, and marvelous views together are quite perfect to celebrate your event magnificently.

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Grand Wedding Villa

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